menu a la carte

Respect for the traditions
love for the territory

menu a la carte

Respect for the traditions
Love for the territory

a la carte menu


Assortment of cold meat cuts from Trentino

Marinated trout and char served with polenta from Storo

Thinly sliced raw meat, seasoned with olive oil parmesan cheese


first course

Home-made tagliatelle pasta served with mushrooms

Typical kind of  dumplings made with local cheese

Dumplings made with flour, served with potatoes, browned onions and bacon

Ravioli with Roe

Soup of the day

Home made pasta served with tomato or bolognese sauce

second course

Stew of deer with polenta and mushrooms

Slow-cooker beef jowl cheeks in red wine

Sliced beef

Grilled cheese with polenta and mushrooms

Roasted pork shin

Polenta with gorgonzola cheese and mushrooms

Chef’s course (at chef’s discretion)

side dishes

Polenta from Storo

Mixed vegetables from the buffet

Mushrooms cooked with oil, garlic and parsley

Roasted potatoes

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our ingredients are fresh, therefore the menu may be subject to change.

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